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Pascal related web sites:

Name of site Description
  Pascal Centeral   A site that provides technical information, source code and pascal related links.
 Turbo Pascal programmers page  Contain info about books, tutorials, faqs, compilers and general info about programming
The Pascal programming primer A Pascal tutorial..
The Learn Pascal Page Another pascal tutorial...
Pascal Programming And another one...
Turbo Pascal: Introductory Tutorial Turbo Pascal for windows Introductory Tutorial
Roby's Programming tutorial Another TP tutorial...
  Pascal Source code  Some routines that might help you.
 Coder's knowledge base  Archive with solutions for many programming problems in many languages.

Compilers and utilities:

Name Description
 Free Pascal  A free and popular pascal compiler.
 Bornald  Home of the Bornald and Turbo pascal, they now offer to download tp5 for free!
IPCUTE A free utility that help students to learn Pascal.


Name Description
comp.lang.pascal.ansi-iso Pascal according to ANSI and ISO standards
comp.lang.pascal.borland Borland's Pascal incl. Turbo Pascal (not Delphi!)
comp.lang.pascal.mac Macintosh based Pascals
comp.lang.pascal.misc Pascal in general and ungrouped Pascals

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